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A Mile In My Shoes - Genuine Interest
Assignment: Ask powerful questions in your conversations today.  Keep focusing on listening to exactly what is being said, but extend the conversation by asking more about the subject of your conversation.
Ex. What was it about that math problem that frustrated you? or Tell me more about that new project your boss gave you?
X-tra Cool Points: Learn more about something that interests the other person  (could include their "love language" *wink*). Initiate that conversation and listen and ask powerful questions to learn more.
Set up a "date" to try it out! 
Mirror Work: How did it feel for you to be genuinely interested in the person you were talking to? What changes did you notice in the way that person related to you?
(Feel free to share here, but we really want you to post in the Facebook group where there's a community of people working on the same things!)
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