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Workshops and Events

The 5 Day POWER Challenge

Online, Ongoing

This is your opportunity to put your goals on full BLAST and have fun playing a little to keep that energy of fun and appreciation alive because we know that's what helps us bring our goals and dreams to reality!

Sandy Cove, MD, May 26-28th 2019

This is going to be SO much fun, learning about ourselves and our personal POWER in an intimate setting with just a few women who are ready to transform their lives and their relationships to everything in it, from love, to finances, to health and business/career.  If you are ready to join us, register ASAP, and we'll let you know if there's still room!

Online, Sept 17, 2019

Power Players, join this 5 Day Challenge to transform the relationships you have in your life by learning what it takes to communicate from a deep place of genuine connection and love.

Empower U! - The University for Your Life's Success

Brooklyn, NY, December 6, 2019

It's that time again! So much time has passed since the last class graduated from Empower U!.  Now, we are ready to bring another class through to teach you what you REALLY need to learn to enhance both your life and your business and get the results you've been waiting for from relationships to overall health and wellness.  Don't you wish college taught you this stuff from the beginning?  Sum Cum Laude here you come!  [Special Pricing for Exclusive and Master Player Members]

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