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Dré Cleveland with Bill Dorfman from Extreme Makeover and renowned college speaker, James Malinchak featured on The Secret Millionaire on ABC.
Dré Cleveland with her business mentor, Bill Walsh, America's Business Expert at the Rainmaker Summit in NYC.
Dré Cleveland with Jonathan Sprinkles, The Connection Coach, in L.A.

Clients Say....






"Dear Dré,

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you as my coach!   You have helped me accomplish things in only a few weeks that had taken me years to make progress with.   I always enjoy your spiritual and practical perspectives on the ways of the world.   You have achieved greatness as a coach and through your presence, deep listening, and wisdom you bring out that which would otherwise lie hidden.   I have learned things about my inner nature and values that helped me to be accepting and loving of myself and others.   We have achieved great things working together and I look forward to seeing what the future brings!

Thank you." 


- David Eppenstein. – Owner, Time Planet, New York, NY



"I've seen it several times – Dré can bring you to a place where your truth is obvious and living it is inevitable."


-Randie Shane – Forward Motion Coaching, LLC



"Dré was able to assist me in turning a corner of many areas of my life where I had been "stuck" for quite some time. Her practice is aptly named; true transformations took place in my life through my work with Dré. I have no doubt she'll do the same for anyone who works with her."                                                                   


- Aaron Shipp - Co-Founder / President and Executive Director at Y-Apply, Inc.



“More evidence of your help in my uncle that I haven't spoken to in years, and that I started talking to on behalf of your training requested me on Facebook sometime this week.  The last hole in the family fabric has been patched (not fully healed) and communication is slowly happening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul. My family good or bad is very important to me. God bless.”


- Tee Brown, Brooklyn, NY



“I have spent the last 20 years of my life trying to develop some relationship with my father without

much movement.  Now, since we spoke about how perception is key, and how I am responsible for how I choose to see myself and my father, I notice there is better understanding and better communication

between us.  I had to examine my LIES about who I was in relation to my father and come to some conclusions.  Once I did that, we were able to have real conversations about things and still laugh

at the end. Then, he was able to offer me his help and advice without judgment.  It basically feels like

he has finally allowed himself to step into the role of my father instead of still seeing me as a little girl.”


-Cynthia Bryan. , CynCity Productions, Brooklyn, NY



“I actually had a spiritual awakening at one of The Power Players Club workshops and started to cry

from the relief of letting go of something I never even held in my hands to begin with. After this I

started promoting myself more, I learned to say NO to projects that wouldn’t advance me, and I

 really began making an effort to get my business license off the ground. Manada.Biz Entertainment, LLC and my tour companies New York Broadway Tours and MJSITETOURSNYC are all thanks to what I learned about taking responsibility for my own life!


-Amada Anderson. , New York Broadway Tours, Queens, NY



“The Power Player's Club has helped me as far as perseverance. The Power Players Club teaches

you that you keep on taking steps even when things aren't going your way or you have set backs. If not

for that principle I would not have invested over a thousand dollars in learning to drive, because I

failed multiple times. And, I would not have self-published my books which were originally turned

down by major publishing houses. Just recently, I finally passed my driving test and I am getting

great reviews for my writing.”


-Cheryl Anne Harper, Author, New York, NY



“I live with gratitude every day that I wake up.  When I didn’t live like that, nothing good happened for me.  I didn’t know how to appreciate things.  I used to complain a lot and it seemed like everything was going wrong in my life.  Once I realized the power of gratitude and learned to appreciate things, doors opened up for me that I didn’t expect, and I was able to start my own entertainment company, something that wouldn’t have happened before because I just wasn’t focused on the positive.  I really couldn’t even see those golden opportunities that were always in front of me because I was being so negative. I know better now, and for that I am definitely grateful.”


- Chaz H., Abillagram Productions, LLC, Brooklyn, NY



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