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Tap Into Your Black Girl Magic and Manifest Your Deepest Desires Now!

Are you having trouble...


  • Manifesting things in your life that you feel should be a lot easier, but it's just NOT happening; or you noticed that you can bring what you want into your life, but it tends to feel like a struggle to get it or keep it?

  • Healing your past, especially around romantic relationships, family, friends, money, purpose, etc, and so you're seeing little to no changes in how they manifest for you?

  • Connecting to your confidence and self-worth, and putting yourself first in your life, so you even have capacity, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, to bring forth what you really want in your life?



Join The Sista Circle

So you can finally stop struggling, and start manifesting what you truly want for your life, now!

Join our new membership now and be part of The Healed 100a sisterhood of Black women who are on a mission to heal themselves, to experience more self-love, and to manifest from a space of POWER, so that their dream life is always at their fingertips, and they are no longer at the mercy of their circumstances.



Hey there, Beautiful Soul!


I'm Dr. Dré, (but my friends call me Dréa).

I am on a mission.


A mission to empower Black women like you to reclaim their personal power and create the life they truly desire. That's why I created The Sista Circle – a safe and transformative space where we can come together, heal, and support each other on this incredible journey.

Let me share a little bit about why I created this powerful sisterhood. Like many of us, I've faced my fair share of struggles and challenges. I know what it feels like to give away my power, to doubt my worth, and to be trapped in negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't break free from those patterns that were holding me back.  But through my own healing journey and understanding of universal laws, I rediscovered something truly remarkable – the power to transform my life was within me all along.


I realized that in order to create the life I truly desired, I needed to cultivate self-love, stand up for myself, release the toxic patterns that were keeping me stuck, and remember and harness the power of the laws of the universe that NEVER fail.

That's when The Sista Circle was born. I wanted to create a space where Black women could come together and support each other on their healing journeys. A place where we could learn the tools and techniques to coach ourselves through the process of transformation and manifest our deepest desires.

In The Sista Circle,


we dive deep into self-love, self-worth, and breaking free from limiting beliefs. We explore the power of positive affirmations, visualization, and mindset shifts. We uncover the root causes of our struggles and learn how to heal and release them. And most importantly, we support each other every step of the way, because we know that together, we are unstoppable.

I've had the honor of working with hundreds of incredible Black women over the years, witnessing their incredible transformations and seeing them step into their power. It fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude to have witnessed these women finally making tangible moves toward the life they have been blocking themselves from having, and now having been able to create a sisterhood of women who can experience these transformations together!

So, my beautiful sister, if you're ready to take control of your life, to let go of what no longer serves you, and to truly manifest your dreams, I invite you to join The Sista Circle.


Together, we will create a sisterhood of empowerment, love, and growth. It's time to sprinkle some self-love on yourself and make those real and tangible moves towards the life you imagine.

Are you ready to step into your power? The Sista Circle is waiting for you with open arms.


Let's play!


Here's what you'll get as a member of the Sista Circle


tools, processes, and mindset shifts, in your Heal.Love.Manifest (HLM) Toolkit to move you powerfully along your healing, self-love, and manifesting journey, so you can begin to create what you truly want in your life, now!

A SACRED COMMUNITY OF BLACK WOMEN on the same journey as you: Ask questions, share your progress and help others thrive. You also get access to occasional virtual meet ups to get to connect and have some fun with other members live!

ACCESS SPECIAL GUEST WORKSHOPS that will give you deeper knowledge of yourself and how you operate in your life so you can get free from what stops you from manifesting what you want in your life! 


Here's What Some of Our Members Say:

"Everything I wanted... and more!"
"I love the membership! It keeps me accountable to my goals. I'm learning now to focus on me and set boundaries."- Tangie J.
"I'm getting my life together."
"Before I joined, I felt broken. This membership helped me to stop overanalyzing my thoughts and to just trust my feelings and my intuition in order to start to feel whole again." Asia K.
"One of the best decisions I've ever made."
"Because of this membership, I've been learning how to verbalize my feelings and express myself so that I not only get the help I need, but to help others see through things that they can't in the moment." - Jackie C.

"You would be crazy not to..."


"You have nothing to lose by getting started. It's more what you'd have to lose by NOT doing this. The results I've achieved with the exercises in the toolkit have been nothing short of amazing." - Cynthia B.

A Portion of our Membership Fees Support Black Girls Smile, Inc. 501 (c)(3)!


God Is a Woman


E-book copy of Dr. Dre Cleveland's first book, that will give you the seven keys to self love and empowerment along your personal journey!


Affirmation Coloring Pages by Zen Diva Noire

Adult coloring pages by artist, Zen Diva Noire that combine the power of affirmations with gorgeous artwork that affirms Black women. Great for those who use coloring as a form of self-care.


The Self Love Handbook

This full course e-book is just what you need to jump start your self love journey. Inside, you'll discover:

• How to master thoughts and emotions • Impactful self-love exercises • A better understanding of what self-love is, and what it is not. • Practical ways to build self-love on a daily basis + much more!


When You Join the Sista Circle, You'll Get These Bonuses!


Complimentary Access to Digital Products and Courses in the GGYLT Learning Community

You'll gain access to all of our digital products and courses under $20 for as long as you're a member! This is priceless because we are releasing some amazing resources in 2024, most under $20 and you'll get them included in your membership!

Some titles include:

Affirmation Magic: Rewire Your Mind for True Healing, Self Love, and Manifestation (Available Now)

The Black Girl's Guide to Self-Love E-book & Workbook (Available Now)

50 Shadow Work Questions for Black Women (Coming Soon)



Build a playlist that powerfully supports you as you move through the painful feelings that may accompany you on your healing journey.


Learn the secret to putting all of your negative self talk to rest so you can make room for a more powerful version of yourself to step in!


Discover what it takes to FINALLY bring what you've wanted to manifest into your life into existence, once and for all.

Here Are Just a Few of Our Featured Tools!


Why did you create the HLM Toolkit featured in The Sista Circle Membership?

In my work as a professional coach, I have created and/or reimagined dozens of powerful and effective exercises, checklists, and other tools that tap the mind, body, and spirit, and that have helped my clients break free from destructive patterns that have stopped them from getting what they want in their lives.  I KNOW these tools work because I use them everyday with my private clients. My wish is that every Black women could benefit from these tools in the same way and finally experience a life they truly create, with no limits.  Since I only have the ability to work with a limited number of private clients, this toolkit and membership is a way to make sure that anyone who is ready to take this journey, has the tools to do so, and a space to feel comfortable taking it.


Who is The Sista Circle for?


This membership is FOR those who are ready to do whatever it takes to take control of their lives and stop giving over to the struggles you face that make your life less than what you imagine it to be.  This membership is NOT FOR those who would rather complain and blame others for why they haven't been able to move forward in their lives. Transforming your life is a choice, and this membership is for those who are ready to, and/or are actively choosing to do so. Period.

How much time should I set aside to participate?

I would recommend taking about 15-30 minutes a week to interact with the tools in the site. We don't expect you to rush through these tools. We want you to commit, so even that small amount of time to work on yourself each week can make a difference. You are worth more than that, and yet we also recognize that people have busy schedules, and we want to make it easy for you to keep your commitment to YOU! That said, feel free to spend more or less time on these tools as you feel you need. Just make sure you're giving yourself time to allow them to work on you.  Also, our member's only workshops are usually anywhere between an hour to two hours long, but they don't happen every month, and you'll have enough notice to plan ahead for those special occasions if you want to attend live. If you can't, we will post the replays in the members area, but it's always best in person so you can practice live with us. :)


Is this therapy?

No. While I use a lot of theraputic techniques in my work, this is NOT a substitute for therapy if that is the most appropriate thing for you. However, this can be an amazing supplement if you are in therapy, and it actually CAN be an effective alternative for those who don't have access to therapy ('cause yeah...therapy can be pricey without insurance), especially at our "by invitation only" Sista Circle- Connect membership level because of the amount of personal support we provide.  This is if you don't have severe symptoms of anxiety or depression for which therapy may be a better fit. Please check with your health care provider first if you believe you require more than this program can offer on it's own.


How do I get my questions answered or receive support?

If you are thinking about joining us, but you have questions, please email us at, and we will respond within 24 hours.


Dr. Dré Cleveland



Dr. Dré Cleveland, Your Personal P.O.W.E.R. Coach, is a prolific speaker, author, life coach, and intuitive healer. With over 15 years in the field of personal and professional development, Dré has brought eye opening and intriguing programs and keynotes to various business, educational and social organizations, that tap into the core of who we are as human beings on our personal journeys to self-discovery, self-love, and manifesting our deepest desires. She has also been invited to speak on both national and international stages, sharing the platform with POWERhouse speakers like Bill Walsh, Gary Coxe, and Les Brown. Dré has been featured in the documentary, Head Ladies in Charge, and has participated in various radio shows, including The Jeff Foxx Radio Show, and several events including The New York Black Expo and The Sista 2 Sista Youth Summit featured on

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