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Community Projects

It Takes a Village to Empower a Child...

Every year The Power Players Club tours NYC Public Schools and shares the Principles of POWER with students in grades 4-8.  We do this because we want students to learn how to create their lives powerfully...and we want them to do it EARLY.


The POWER Principles help students to tackle everything a child has to deal with, from doing well in school, to dealing with bullies, to standing up and allowing themselves to be heard.


Help us to fund this project and make our tour a success! We also would your help to  find schools with lots of kids to empower!

It Takes a Village to Educate a Child.....

Join The Power Players Club and our charitable partner, Unstoppable Foundation in creating a school that will have all of the facilities necessary to give young girls in Kenya the opportunity to get an education.Learn more about how you can help us raise the $10,000 it will take us to build a school in 2019!  Challenge COMING SOON!

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