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Did You Hear What I Said?
Assignment: Today, focus on listening with no agenda.  Don't focus on what you want to say in a conversation.  Practice repeating back what the person you're speaking to says in your own words.  Try beginning your statement with "So, what I'm hearing you say is....", or "Oh, so you're saying...
X-tra Cool Points: Try using your own gut (intuition) along with the social cues the person our talking to gives (body-language, eye contact, tone, etc) to feel out what the person is really experiencing in the conversation. Then you can say what you feel.  
Ex. " looks like you're really frustrated with math."  or "Hey, it sounds like you are really excited about this new project! 
(Sometimes it's as easy as that...and sometimes you have to listen just a little bit closer to hear what's really being said. Either way, go for it, superstar!)
Mirror Work: On a scale of 1-10, how easy was it for you to JUST LISTEN? What did you notice?
(Feel free to share here, but we really want you to post in the Facebook group where there's a community of people working on the same things!)
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