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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Do you have goals in your life that you've dreamed of manifesting, but have been too afraid to even try to make those dreams and goals happen?

Are you clear that there is so much more you can accomplish in your life but the monotony of the "every day" has you feeling stuck in a rut?

Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING...and no matter what you've done, your relationships, your finances, or maybe even your health seems to stay right in the same spot you left it?  


Maybe it's been weeks...maybe it's been months...maybe it's even been years.  


Maybe it doesn't matter anymore how long it's been.


Maybe you're ready to get unstuck and finally start getting your life moving in the direction you want it to be going...with no holds barred, so you can experience greater freedom, ease, and self-expression in what matters to you most.


If that's you, then you need to make a serious decision right now.

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Listen,  if you're one of the thousands of people who have ever felt that jittery feeling in the pit of your stomach, or found yourself awake at night because there's far more month at the end of your money than you're comfortable with, your relationships feel like they're falling apart at the seams (or are non-existent), or your health is at stake but you can't find the will power to change it, then it's time that you understand what's REALLY holding you back from success.


If you're one of the many people who have a dream of creating a life filled with love, prosperity, and great health...and yet you can't seem to change your current circumstances - even though you've invested tons of money and time on programs and coaching in the past...then you need to know what's at the HEART of what's keeping you stuck so you can move passed it and start playing this game to win.


Here's the thing.  


I'm sure that 100% of all people, who are not yet successful in creating a different reality in the areas of their lives that are important to them, have NO IDEA how to work with and master the invisible and yet most critical components of your personal growth and development that is keeping you stuck right where you are, week after week...month after month...year after excruciating year.


They DO NOT KNOW how this unseen force is wreaking havoc on their ability to produce results,  in EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES WHERE THE RESULTS SEEM DISMAL, so they continue getting the same results and wondering if it's just not meant for them to have the relationships, money, health they've dreamed of having.


Trust me, I've been there.  


Sleepless nights.


Stomach aches.


So much effort for such ridiculously small results.


Not so silent tears from looking at my son, wondering if it's ever going to be different for us.  Is he ever going to experience the benefits of my having the income we need to more than just survive in New York City?  Will he finally get to see his mom in a loving, healthy relationship that works? How can I be an example to him of how to have what he really wants in his life...when I'm barely making it myself?


It's not a nice feeling.  


It hurts.


But most people continue to suffer unnecessarily because they don't get that there is a lot more going on under the radar than we are trained to understand when it comes to how results are created in life.


And, if you want to turn things around, you've GOT to learn to master that unseen layer that defines and determines your that it can NO LONGER HOLD YOU HOSTAGE and keep you repeating the past over and over....and over again!


That's what I've had to do.


Within these last few years ...particularly when I've had to make hard decisions about my business and in love, I've had to rely on my knowledge of this invisible barricade and apply what I know to help me to recreate a business that I love, and a healthy relationship to the idea of giving my heart to someone one I can prove to myself that I can have the love I want.


In fact, I've been able to use what I know to release toxic thoughts and ideas that have threatened my well being and overall happiness in life.


I got to reinvent my business when it was going down the drain.  



I get to create the love of life, starting with me first.



I get to work with amazing people like you.



I have gotten to homeschool my son... as a single mom.



Let me be candid with you.  It hasn't been an easy journey when it's come to my son and his education.  It's been a rough road both academically and emotionally.


But now, I get to have the peace of mind I was missing when he was in regular school, becoming "that kid" that always got in trouble and never completed his work, partly because he was diagnosed with a learning disability, and partly because he needed positive attention both in school and outside of school.  (And you know that can be hard to come by when you're the kid who's "always in trouble.")



Now, I get to be his primary teacher.  



I get to make sure that his image of himself and who he is as a learner and a human being is nurtured and cultivated everyday instead of destroyed by well-meaning teachers who just don't "get him."



I get to actively participate in him learning and growing in a way that feels good to both of us.  



I get the rare opportunity to do that because I made a decision to master how this game of life works...and how to make it work for my business, and in my life overall.  It has been a gift and a blessing.



Now, I don't know what your WHY is.



I don't know what your reason for building a successful

business is...




But, I want to give this gift to you too.






Because whatever your WHY is, I know that part of it is that you are here to make a difference.



You are here to make a difference in your life... but I know you are also here to make a difference for your family and the people you love and care about most.



I also know...that you can NOT do that until you are 100% clear on how to work with the invisible forces that have and will continue to dictate your results for EVERYTHING you put your hands on...for the rest of your life!



You can't do it until you know what's behind every decision...every action (or inaction) you take.



You can't do it until you know how to be intentional and consciously play this game of life to win.  







Empower Your Game1.png

Now, let me tell you something...


This program is not another "solution in a box" program that just shows you things you can DO to build your business, make money, get a relationship, change your health.  After all, that's the problem you're already having.  You've probably already GOT a solution like that.  You might have many different solutions like that...and those alone have not worked!


And, when you enroll in The Empower Your Game Program™ , you'll quickly learn why...and it's because NONE of your results are really about what you are DOING in your life.  It's about something else far more powerful.


I have taught my clients this powerful secret, and it has catapulted their lives out of "launch mode" and into the full-fledged realization of the change they've always wanted to what matters to them the most.



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Here's a Sneak Peak at What You'll Learn:


Module 1 -  


Module 2 -


Module 3 -


Module 4 



Module 5 - Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Fun




















Here's What You'll Get:

ž- 5 Audio Training Calls to give you the mindset magic and skills you need to take your life to the next level and start generating the results you want to create with more ease than ever before.


ž- 3 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions to assist you in actualizing your blueprint so you can create massive results in your lifef now!  Sessions include private break-out sessions for deep-dive work for each participant.


ž- Private Members Area to access all coaching files and audio recordings. 










This Program is For You If:



























This Program is NOT For You If:









Are You Ready to Play?  Here's the 411:









The Empower Your Game Program™ is $497

I'd like to join but I need a payment plan


Your Bonuses For Playing With Us:


ž- BONUS #1 – Lifetime Access to Our Private Facebook Forum where you can ask questions about how to activate your blueprint, between coaching sessions and any time after that.  Includes fun challenges to help keep you accountable to your business goals. (Value $Priceless)


ž- BONUS #3 – $497 Gift Certificate towards any of The Power Players Club®’s future programs upon completion of the program.  That’s like getting this program for FREE!  (Retail Value $497)


ž* BONUS #4 – The Money Magic Game – Use this creative game to help you to enhance your ability to attract and receive money in your life and in your business.   (Retail Value: $47)


Total Value: $1,838





Join Us NOW! You really don't have anymore time to waste.







You're Backed By Our 100% Results Satisfaction Guarantee! 



I am so confident that you are going to be blown away by this program that I am willing to put my time and my money where my mouth is.

If within 90 days of completing this ENTIRE program, you don't think that the skills and processes I provide you with have done ANYTHING to change your life, simply contact me, show me what you've done on your own with our program to create the results you thought you would see, and I will PERSONALLY work with you to make sure you get what you paid for.


Now, there's NO excuse for you NOT to start creating massive results in your life.  


It's time NOW!  There is no other time.  No...there really isn't since NOW is the only time that ever exists.


So, what are you going to do with it?


Are you ready?


Let's Play!











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