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I Value My Self Worth

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

I am learning to value myself more. I realize that I can only attract what I feel I am worth. Like attracts like.

I do a deep dive into my psyche to uncover any hidden negative thoughts or beliefs about myself. I do whatever it takes to heal that aspect of my past.

I take a look at my family patterns and institute new, positive routines of relating to each other.

I take a look at my culture. I do some digging around where those old beliefs have been installed in my mind.

I build myself up from creating a new firm foundation. I create my own skyscraper. I am the architect of my life. I build my new self-esteem.

In my new skyscraper of self-esteem, I put up steel beams of inner strength. I put up sturdy walls of excellent boundaries. I furnish my skyscraper with valuable assets.

I create my own bank. I deposit only good thoughts into my bank account. I invest in myself. I fill my safe deposit box with the silver of self-value. I keep gold bars of happiness in savings for my future.

Today, I make a point of investing regularly in myself. I have increased my self-worth exponentially.

Mirror Work:

  1. What old beliefs about myself no longer have worth?

  2. What am I willing to let go of in order to create greater self-worth?

  3. What do I value in myself that is a great long-term investment?

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