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The Richer Relationships Challenge is a FREE 21-Day Challenge to help men and women of color to adopt amazing and effective communication skills to help us all to connect with, love, and understand the people in our lives just a little bit better.


Who: Men and women across the country and abroad.  All are welcome, but our intention is to focus on men and women of color.



When: The challenge begins on February 16, 2018



How: Participants will receive a daily task both through email and text for 21 days, teaching you to master various techniques and mindset shifts that will move you towards loving the people in your life just a little bit better through the power of Harmonic Communication™.



Week 1- Communication with Others



Goal: To develop the basic skills of Harmonic Communication™ so that you will be able to avoid arguments and powerfully handle misunderstandings, all while developing and deepening trust, cooperation, and connection with the people you interact with and care about most.

Week 2 - Communication with Self



Goal: To integrate the principles of Harmonic Communication™ with how you relate to and connect with your inner self so that you will be able to control your emotions, clear up old mental "programs" that are keeping you from experiencing the relationships you want with the people you interact with and care about most, and develop and better relationship with the most important person in your life, YOU!

Week 3 - Communication with Source



Goal: To integrate the principles of Harmonic Communication™ with how you relate to your deep spritual nature so that you will be able to easily stay grounded, connect to love and gratitude, and begin to powerfully manifest what you desire in your relationships and in your life overall.

Graduation Day!!!



Goal: To celebrate our collective accomplishments and share some of our biggest breakthroughs that occured during the challenge.  

These women attended the LIVE workshop version of this challenge.  Here what they have to say!

Richer Relationships Challenge Goal: Since our entire lives are made up of the relationships we have with others (and ourselves), Our goal is to identify and implement the techniques and mindset shifts that will allow you to create powerfully positive relationships with all those you care about so that we can, by default, affect our communities and the world overall.


Each task will be delivered to you via email and text.  We know that many people are wary about sharing their phone numbers, but guess what?  We know that you are busy, and we are COMMITTED that you are able to actively participate in this challenge.  Email has quickly become way less effective in helping that to happen, so we made sure to accommodate that. We promise that we will take good care of your private information, and we will NOT abuse it.  We just want you to be successful because this is THAT important.


Please Note: You do NOT have to share your phone number to participate, but we highly recommend it to enhance your experience in the challenge. <3


As a member of the challenge, you'll be invited to a private group where other men and women of color are there to encouragement, uplift and share with you throughout the challenge and even after the challenge is over.  Each week of the challenge will include a FB Live Video with Dré and a challenge call featuring some of the challenge leaders who will give you some extra love and share some of their best tips for communication and connection on any level!


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