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Join the Club!

The Power Players Club is currently closed so we can focus on giving our current members an amazing experience.  Our next launch is coming, June 2019!

As an Exclusive Member you'll be able to:


Access what it takes to play full out in your life, with no limits.


Eliminate the LIES you tell yourself about who you are and why you can't achieve your biggest goals... and start playing at your fullest capacity in every area of your life, immediately.


Learn insider tools and techniques for growing and transforming your mindset so that you have the true power to transform your life!


Meet like-minded individuals who are ready, willing, and able to support you in reaching your goals...and your wildest dreams.

It's true, membership is currently closed, but stay tuned! We are opening soon!  In the meantime, take the POWER Challenge and start playing with POWER now while you wait to join us!

"Dré was able to assist me in turning a corner of many areas of my life where I had been "stuck" for quite some time. Her practice is aptly named; true transformations took place in my life through my work with Dré. I have no doubt she'll do the same for anyone who works with her."                                                                   


- Aaron Shipp - Co-Founder / President and Executive Director at Y-Apply, Inc.

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