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Dré Cleveland sharing the POWER Principles with seventh and eighth graders at P.S./I.S. 298 in Brooklyn, NY.
Dré speaking at a Simply to Empower business networking event in Queens, NY.
Dré hosting her signature Empower U!: The University for Your Life Success event in Brooklyn, NY.
Dré embracing a member of Girl, Get Your Life Together Sista Circle who made significant progress during the year. 

College and Youth Speaker














Dré Cleveland tours the NYC area teaching young people across the 5 Boroughs how to play powerfully in their lives both in school and outside of school.  She caters to the following groups, but are not limited to:


  • Upper Elementary and Junior High School Groups

  • High School and College Groups

  • Religious Organizations

  • Non Profit Organizations

  • At Risk Youth

  • Academic Clubs & Organizations

  • Campus Activities and Student Orientations

  • Graduations and Special Events


Visit our page for The NYC POWER Tour here!


Workshops, Trainings, and Keynotes for Businesses and Organizations













You can give your organization an unfair advantage by inviting Dr. Cleveland to give you and your participants the P.O.W.E.R. you need to play and win at the game of life, whether it is in business/career, health, relationships, money, etc. All workshops, trainings, and keynotes are specially tailored to the needs of our clients to ensure that the best results are met.  

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Educators and Principals, please visit My Classroom RULES! for information on our training specifically for teachers who want to produce motivation and high performance in their students..even the difficult ones!



Girl, Get Your Life Together!

Girl, Get Your Life Together® was created by Dr. Dré Cleveland for Black women, of ALL experiences, to come together to:

💕 Heal our emotional wounds, so that they no longer dictate the areas of our lives that they haunt.

💕 Learn how to love ourselves more, so we and others can experience us as our true and most authentic selves.

💕 Develop our natural ability to manifest what we want in our lives because it is our birthrite to bring forth all that we desire...

If you're looking for a SAFE space to heal, to love, and to learn the art of manifestation then you are in the right place! Share with other women you know who are looking for the same thing, and let's do this together! 💛

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