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Join the Membership!

Join the premiere coaching and empowerment club for forward thinking urban adults, who are focused on manifesting massive results in their lives NOW!

As an Exclusive Member you'll be able to:


Access what it takes to play full out in your life, with no limits.


* Eliminate the LIES you tell yourself about who you are and why you can't achieve your biggest goals... and start playing at your fullest capacity immediately.


Learn insider tools and techniques for growing and transforming your mindset so that you have the true power to transform your life!


Meet like-minded individuals who are ready, willing, and able to support you in reaching your goals...and your wildest dreams.

"Life is not a spectator sport.  It is a game to be played...and played powerfully..."


- Dr. Dré Cleveland, Founder of Girl, Get Your Life Together®

Founder 411



The Power Players Club® was created by Dré Cleveland, Your Personal POWER Coach, to primarily support urban men and women of color in consciously playing the game of life powerfully through knowledge of universal law and how to navigate it. Our intention is to teach our members that they can authentically create their lives from a place of pure possibility in action instead of by default like business as usual.


We also seek to expand consciousness in the arenas of Entrepreneurship, Education, and our Community, as they are important building blocks to creating a better world. 


We believe that by teaching people to be the total creators of their lives, we will effectively change the world because creating powerful people will enhance the quality of the relationships we have with each other, and with ourselves, thereby positively changing the energy of all of our interactions all around.

Upcoming Workshops & Events


Join other Power Players for some awesome events to help you to either build your business or enhance your personal and spiritual life.


Our events are for you if you want to understand the secrets to consciously making your life happen, not just watching it happen like a person watching a basketball game.  Check it out and see what's coming up!

Community Projects



The Power Players Club® is all about playing powerfully, both in our own lives, as well as in the lives of others.


The 5th POWER Principle is: Relate to the World with Gratitude and being a part of causes far greater than yourself is a terrific way to get lifted and stay attuned to the power of bringing love and light into the world.

“I live with gratitude every day that I wake up.  When I didn’t live like that, nothing good happened for me.  I didn’t know how to appreciate things.  I used to complain a lot and it seemed like everything was going wrong in my life.  Once I realized the power of gratitude and learned to appreciate things, doors opened up for me that I didn’t expect, and I was able to start my own entertainment company, something that wouldn’t have happened before because I just wasn’t focused on the positive.  I really couldn’t even see those golden opportunities that were always in front of me because I was being so negative. I know better now, and for that I am definitely grateful.”


- Chaz H., Abillagram Productions, LLC, Brooklyn, NY




“I actually had a spiritual awakening at one of The Power Players Club workshops and started to cry from the relief of letting go of something I never even held in my hands to begin with. After this I started promoting myself more, I learned to say NO to projects that wouldn’t advance me, and I

 really began making an effort to get my business license off the ground. Manada.Biz Entertainment, LLC and my tour companies New York Broadway Tours and Open Ghost Support Group are all thanks to what I learned about taking responsibility for my own life!


-Amada Anderson. , New York Broadway Tours, Queens, NY






"Dré was able to assist me in turning a corner of many areas of my life where I had been "stuck" for quite some time. Her practice is aptly named; true transformations took place in my life through my work with Dré. I have no doubt she'll do the same for anyone who works with her."                                                                   


- Aaron Shipp - Co-Founder / President and Executive Director at Y-Apply, Inc.

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